This year, fall in love with your life and live in the moment!

Another year passed by so fast. It feels like summer was just yesterday and now we have a complete new year ahead of us.
Today, I’d like to share my intention for 2016 with you.

A new year, a blank page: Start now. Step by step in your own pace…
Do you have a goal for the new year? Something you desperately want? Then get your behind moving and do something to get there! Start where you are. Start with your fear. Start with your doubts. Start with your hands trembling. Nevertheless find the courage for your first step. And once you’ve done that, keep going! Start today.

It’s okay!
It’s okay to be kind to yourself. It’s okay to be wrong and to make mistakes. It’s okay to get mad. It’s okay that you’re not perfect. Nobody is. You are unique and wonderful and it’s okay to love you just as you are. You’re allowed to learn to and to grow, you’re allowed to get through stuff and close certain chapters. And most of all, you’re allowed to be happy!

Gratitude for everything that is
Gratitude for what we have now makes you lighter and happier as you don’t have time to focus on what’s lacking.
I write into my gratitude journal every night. There are night where this is difficult. And that’s why this is also a reminder for myself to do it anyways.

Be brave enough to give love one more shot every time
I’m not only thinking about that love for the One. I’m also thinking about people that you let into your life, old friendships that are rekindled or a new life that enters this world and you learn to love. Love comes in many forms and I want it be open for all those wonderful love stories the new year brings.

And last but not least there’s one more thing I’d like to leave you with.
We were born and we will die. That’s not under our control. But what we do with the life that we’re given in-between is up to us. You can do and be anything. Society suggests that only one way is right.
I say: If you define your „right“ differently than the standard and it makes you happy then don’t be afraid to break the rules. 

To a new year filled with beautiful and unique moments!

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte