I’m talking about what we call self-love. A love that tends to be difficult at times…
What I learned over the past couple of years and what I’m doing for self-love today, I would like to share with you this Valentine’s Day.

Be grateful! Every day. This is on my agenda each night before I go to bed. It grounds me and makes me see how many things I have in my life to be grateful for. More often than not these are the small things that we take for granted but make our life so special every day.

My body & my health
I’m currently learning that those two things are the most important. Because if my body doesn’t function properly, it’ll be really hard to lead a normal life. And as I want that normality, my health is now a focus. So I take time out of the day that’s just for me. To meditate, to move and to nourish myself in a healthy way. Because I am worth it!

Learn a little every day
If I have the opportunity for learning and development, I take it! I read books that open me up to a new world, or start new studies that I’m interested in. That’s why I’m currently studying to be a Life Coach and get to learn so much about myself along the way.

My dream job
I start my day happy and grateful if I get to do a job I love. There’s no perfect. But I think we can come very close if we’re willing to take some risks and work hard. Not working doesn’t work. We have one life and I’m not willing to accept spending it doing a job that doesn’t satisfy and inspire me.

Creative freedom
What’s your passion? What helps you relax?
For me it’s writing or making beautiful things either with my computer or my hands. I love the time I can use to listen to my creativity and be inspired by its beauty. That’s when the most beautiful things are created.

Write write write
This allows me to enter a whole new world. Then I write on my book or a new blog (just like this one). It also helps to work through things or record my goals. Oftentimes I see things much clearly once I’ve written them down. I can make sense of the emotional chaos and are able to listen to my intuition much better.  

Letting go
The relationships I have and the people in my life are the most important o me. Of course, such relationships are not always 100% balanced, which is okay. But once you realize that you’re the one giving and giving, a person doesn’t accept you for who you are anymore and isn’t there for you to support you during the tough times, then letting go is better than indulging in negative thoughts about this relationship.
Even though the „break-up“ from some people was really hard and will be moving forward, it gave me precious time back to focus on new relationships in my life.

I don’t care what other popele think about me
Sometimes that’s also hard for me, but in the end I need to lead a life that’s right for me and not a life that everyone else understands. And that’s why I’ll keep making decisions that not everyone will be able to comprehend. And they don’t need to. I need to be able to look in the mirror every day. The people that love me will be understanding, supportive and won’t judge.

Don’t take anything personally
I’ve learned that when people try to offend or hurt me it oftentimes got nothing to do with me, but is due to their own problems and insecurities. Even though it’s difficult to distance myself from emotions in a situation where I feel that I’m being personally offended, I still try to do it. It doesn’t work all the time. After all, we’re all just human. But when it does, I can handle those situations with ease and feel less stressed.

Step out of your comfort zone
Or simply enlarge it by trying new things every once in a while.
At least I have learned that live begins at the end of your comfort zone. It fills me with an amazing love for life when I get to try or experience something new. So get familiar with with the unknown, especially if it’s always intrigued you.

Be kind and compassionate
We each have a different journey. So I try to extend the same kindness to each person I meet on my journey. I try not to judge. And If I do, I always offer the chance to change that picture I have. People change, some need more time to feel comfortable to be themselves and some have never learned to be authentic.
My most lethal weapon: a smile. And when my smile is returned, that’s the most wonderful gift.

Giving back
I want to leave something behind once I leave this life. I want to share the fortune I was lucky enough to have. And that’s why I’d love to start my own charity foundation. That’s how I hope to be able to fill one heart at a time with love and kindness.
But also the just mentioned smile can go a long way.
It’s really not that hard to give back…

Living in the moment
And last, but not least, I try to live in the moment every single day and enjoy this precious journey as much as I can. This might not work every single hour or every day, but I keep reminding myself that this journey will have an end to it. And I want to take it all in.

Loving myself as I am is not always easy.
But I promise myself to work on this special love every single day.

I hope you will too!

Photo by Mandy von Stahl on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte