I’m turning 32 years this month!

And yes, I can definitely confirm, the 30s are the best I’ve ever lived.

So today I’d like to share 32 of my most precious lessons, that I learned over the past years, with you.

  1. Do more of what makes you happy
    I think that this is life’s purpose. Find out what makes you happy, both in your personal and you professional life. You got it? Then go do more of that! I can’t think of a life better spent.
  2. Be thankful under all circumstances
    Gratitude turns what we have into enough, always. So I take some time every day to write down what it is that makes me happy. And in the midst of the worst day you can always find something to be grateful for. And then, it’s not the worst day anymore…
  3. Live in the moment
    Being present in the current moment, without distraction (from your mobile, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) is pure life and happiness. So I reconnect and I love it!
  4. Kindness echoes endlessly
    Kindness has a ripple effect with no logical end to it. I might not be able to change the world. But I know that with kindness I can change someones world, one heart at a time.
  5. Authenticity is beauty
    So many people are afraid to show their beautiful and unique self. I think we should do that more often and be totally free to be our wonderful selves. I know I am and it’s been liberating and rewarding.
  6. Compassion
    Everyone has a different story and we all go through rough patches or simply have a bad day. Be compassionate. Be understanding. And above all be kind.
  7. Love is the closest thing we have to magic
    Love is all. Love is endless. Love is unconditional. It’s the most beautiful gift we can make. The world can always do with more love.
  8. Create yourself
    Yes, life is about finding yourself. It’s about learning to listen to your heart and following wherever happiness leads you. But instead of just finding yourself, I say create yourself! Be who you want to be and do it on purpose. Love what you do and create a life for yourself that makes you blissfully happy.
  9. Never put fear in the driver’s seat
    Without fear there wouldn’t be courage. Fear is a part of us, a best friend that’ll never leave us. And that’s ok. He will keep us rational. But I hope that you won’t let fear steer the way. Instead let your heart guide you to your destination and put that good old friend in the passenger’s seat.
  10. No regrets
    Why would you regret anything that you’ve done in your past that made you smile? All you’ve experienced makes you who you are today. I have no regrets. I value everything. And worrying about something that’s in the past only keeps you from living your life now. So, no regrets.
  11. Imperfection is beauty in its purest form
    What’s perfect? Nothing! Perfect gets boring. The beautiful imperfections we all have keep life interesting and are most probably those characteristics someone else especially loves about you. So be your beautiful and unique self and let people love you for who you are!
  12. Make more room for YES
    Which means saying no to people, things and situations that don’t serve you. It’s that easy.
  13. Smile more
    You never know whose day you’ll make by flashing that beautiful smile of yours. And a wonderful side effect is that it will put you in a good mood as well!
  14. Learn to dance in the rain
    Life’s not perfect. You won’t always have sunshine. Therefore, it’s vital that you learn to dance in the rain, that you learn to love the rain for what it is and get rid of resentment. Try it!
  15. You can’t always protect your heart
    Locking your heart away just because you’re afraid to get hurt will also keep it away from that person willing to love it. So I choose to wear my heart openly. Yes, I get hurt sometimes, but the rewards are that much bigger.
  16. Being well-rounded is highly overrated
    There are so many companies out there who are looking for that perfect employee, well-rounded they call it. Being well-rounded means being good in all possible areas. I say no. We have our strengths, yes, but we also have our weaknesses and that’s ok! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! But also remember that you’re a constant work in progress. So keep being the best you can be.
  17. Never grow up
    Stay a child. Play. Have fun. Be silly, Laugh a lot. Don’t care about what others think. Just be happy.
  18. Let go
    Letting go is never easy, but the wisest for anything or anyone that doesn’t serve you. It will free you to provide energy to other areas that light you up. You can’t control everything. So let go of that and focus on what you can do.
  19. Give more
    Giving makes you happy and grateful. So give as much as you can and do it because you want to with all your heart.
  20. Happiness is an inside job
    Trying to make someone else responsible for your happiness doesn’t work. It’s a job that needs to be done by you and yourself only.
  21. Worry less
    Worrying only poisons a present moment. Especially about things that we don’t yet know the outcome to or can manage in any way in advance. So take a breath. Everything will work out somehow.
  22. Between difficulty always hides opportunity
    We all go through rough times, I know I have. But in every single of those experiences I have learned something valuable. Could I have also learned it another way? Probably. So how is it fair that I had to go through this anyways? Because life isn’t fair. Things will happen. We need to learn to live with them, learn what we can and move on.
  23. Wanderlust
    Travel! Visit countries you’ve never been to. Meet wonderful people with a different story than yours. See as much of this world as you can. Because traveling does not only make you happy, but it also makes you grow.
  24. Make your own rules
    Society, family, friends – they all have their own set of rules. Why not make some of your own that work for you and make you happy?
  25. Do it for you & not for someone else
    When you do something, no matter what it is, do it for yourself, because it makes you happy. Never do it just because it makes someone else happy.
  26. Don’t leave it unsaid if it means something to you
    If you love someone, tell that person! It’s the best compliment in the world and if it’s important to you, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, you should just come out and say it!
  27. Never quit
    There’s is no failure. Only the failure of not trying. And I say keep going, because you’ll get it right at one point.
  28. There is a right moment for everything
    Sometimes it feels like the timing is off and that can really piss off. Keep in mind that a better time will come.
  29. Learn new things every day
    Never stop learning! It’s beautiful and it’ll keep you sharp.
  30. Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us
    We might not be able to control certain situations, but we can always adjust our attitude. However your attitude, it’s what life will throw back at you.
  31. Believe in your own beauty
    You are beautiful, just the way you are! Never forget that.
  32. Life is beautiful
    Make life your own personal and beautiful masterpiece!

Your lessons might be very different. We’re all unique and that’s the beauty of it.

But I still hope that some of these learnings might be the last spark of motivation missing or the inspiration that you’ve been seeking to get started on your own personal happy project.

Photography Credit: JuKaNo Photography

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte