YourHappyProject is all about your unique happiness.
Life is a constant work in progress and so is happiness.
It is much more a journey than a destination, as it’s something that if chased and treated like a destination might never be reached.
Everyone wants to be happy. And that might mean different things to each person.

Happiness is a process. A process with a couple of phases that one works through.
First we’re searching for what it is that makes us happy. It’s about finding your way and purpose in life. It’s about finding and creating yourself and a life that makes you happy.
While goals are great and we should always have certain goals and dreams as they help us grow, this should not be the focus, as we too often associate achieving a certain goal with happiness. But the process in itself should be something that makes you happy. So focus on how you want to feel instead of making achieving a goal, an external factor or even a person responsible for your happiness. Decide how you want to feel and try to reach for those feelings every single day.

For me those feelings are gratitude, love and creativity.
Gratitude grounds me. It reminds me, even on those bad days, that there is always something to be grateful for.
Love is everything to me. I have so much love for all the people in my life. I love to spend time with them. It helps me recharge my batteries and makes me feel alive.
And last but not least, being able to be creative and inspired is what I crave. Writing, reading and creating something beautiful is my purpose in life. And if what I do can only help one person out there, I am happy.

We evolve through life. Our hopes, goals and dreams may change and that’s perfectly fine. Your happiness is something that will change over the years. As you grow older, you will find new dreams, you will learn more and change your opinion regarding certain things. That allows you to constantly reinvent yourself and be creative. It allows you to listen to your heart and follow it wherever it may take you.
Then it’s back to implementation phase and adjusting your sails. That’s what life’s about. Finding happiness in what is and making the best of this journey. You will experience ups and you will experience downs. That’s simply part of the deal. So it’s also about learning to find your happiness in the dark times and the times that try you.

Being happy and having a focus on your personal happiness journey does not mean that there won’t be any bad days. They will come. And they have their purpose. They make us see the gift in happiness, makes us appreciate the happy moments.
However, since I’ve been on my happiness journey, I have learned to handle those bad days differently. Yes, I allow myself to go through the motions, feel everything that needs to be felt. But then I have also learned to let go and move on. And this is so important, as it let’s you get back to your happy project.

So I encourage you to stop just planning for your happy life in the future, but to start living it now.
Find your purpose and go after your dreams.
I hope you have the courage to step out of your comfort zone.
Accept that fear is part of the game, embrace it and find the courage to overcome it.
Live a life that lights you up. Live a life that you love. Live a life that makes you happy.

I hope that YourHappyProject can accompany you on your journey through the different phases of your unique happiness journey that’s your life.

Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte