The practice or quality of being kind.
A kind, considerate, or helpful act.
Kindness doesn’t cost a thing and can make the world a happier place.
So the next time you have a choice, choose kindness:

  1. Smile more.
    Gift a stranger with your beautiful smile and it’ll make their day!
  2. Be kinder in traffic and let people into your lane.
    Yes, Munich, I am looking at you!
  3. When you get yourself some breakfast in the morning, bring something for your colleagues as well. 
    It will be a nice and unexpected surprise and you’ll make them feel very special that morning.
  4. Leave a secret note for your love or roommate somewhere.
    Those are the little things we encounter throughout our day that have the magical power to turn our day completely around. It’s so simple, yet possibly such a huge impact.
  5. Forgive yourself for your own and others for their mistakes.
    Mistakes are part of life. They will happen and they need to happen if we ever really want to learn something in life. So acknowledge them for what they are and let go.
  6. Be kind to someone even though you might be frustrated with them.
    I know this might seem difficult, but everyone has their own journey and you never know why they might be acting in a certain way. Try to understand instead of judge. And try kindness instead of annoyance.
  7. Hold the elevator door for others.
    That’s becoming a rare act of kindness, yet so incredibly easy if we’d be only willing to spare those couple of seconds.
  8. Offer to babysit your friends kids for free. 
    You’ll do them a huge favor, as giving them time to be in love and be the couple they started out as is one of the most precious gifts you can give young parents.
  9. Compliment someone.
    I love this, as it will always make that person you compliment look at you like you’ve just given them a beautiful present. They shine!
  10. Send a handwritten love note to someone and let them know how much they mean to you. 
    It’s become something unique to write handwritten letters or cards to someone. But isn’t it the best feeling to receive a letter or card via mail. It’s so much better then all the invoices e get each day.
  11. Send out a care package to someone who needs cheering up.
    We all go through tough times. Acknowledging this as a friend and sending something along to remind that person they’re not alone is one of the biggest gifts you can give. And again, really easy to do.
  12. Let someone pass you at checkout at the grocery store with only a few items.
    And you’ve got a good deed for the day under your belt.
  13. Be compassionate and don’t judge.
    Those are some of the most precious characteristics of a true friend, whom you can tell anything. So be that friend to someone today.

And there are so many more kind acts. Just spending time with someone who doesn’t want to be alone, or giving someone a hug who doesn’t feel deserving…

Do it and be sure that you’ll not only positively impact the day of the person you’re being kind to, but impact the lives of others through the gratitude of that person.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte