Happy people are found to be more sociable, and are better able to tolerate life’s daily frustrations. They are also found to be more loving and forgiving. Scientific studies show that happy people are more likely to attract a life partner. Their marriages tend to be stronger and more satisfying to each partner. And they are better parents. Happiness has been proven to lead to greater creativity and improved mental functioning. And researchers have also found that happy people exhibit a certain quality of openness, a willingness to reach out to other people and help. This inner quality of happiness, that brings a strong stability from within, will allow you to live a happy life even if circumstances are not always perfect.

Besides the personal rewards of happiness, it is also highly contagious. Happiness creates a ripple effect and by being happy yourself you have the opportunity to make this world a better place by passing it on to the people around you.

Many of us feel that their happiness is dependent on something else than ourselves.
It isn’t.
Happiness is a choice that we make every single day.

Freudians say that unhappiness is the inevitable result of the clash between our natural desires and civilizations needs.

People sometimes seem to get lost on their way to happiness, because it’s treated like a destination instead of a journey. We’re always thinking that someday we’ll be happy. You know, once you get that job or are able to afford that car, lose weight, or find that special person who makes everything better.

Happiness is an inside job. Scientific evidence confirms that there is a close connection between our own state of mind and our happiness. This is proof that we are indeed responsible for our own happiness and have the ability to bring happiness into our own lives.

The Phases of Happiness

Happiness is a process with a couple of phases that one needs to work through.

First, we are searching. Searching for what it is that actually makes us happy. Have you recently stopped to think about that?
Do you know what makes you happy or have you, just like so many others, been waiting for happiness to catch up with you?

Second, once we realize that happiness cannot be reached by external means, we need to figure out what happiness feels like for you and how you can reach inside yourself to get it. All too often we associate achieving a certain goal or dream with happiness. We forget that the process of getting there should be fun as well!
How do you want to feel? What does happiness feel like for you?
Focus on that feeling.

Third and last, it’s about implementing your findings in order to feel the way you want to feel every single day.
We evolve through life. Our hopes, goals and dreams may change accordingly and that’s perfectly fine. Go back and look at how you want to feel. This will most probably still be the same even though you now have different goals and dreams.

There will be ups and there will be downs. That is simply part of the deal that we call life. It’s about learning to find happiness even in the darkest of times and the times that try you the most. It’s about learning to dance in the rain and finding happiness even then.

All you need to do is make a choice and then start living in that direction. Make the choice to be happy today. Life is never perfect and it never will be. And there will never be a right moment. But you can decide to be happy now, in this moment. Don’t let life hold you back or wait for things to fall into place. All it really takes is a conscious decision to be happy and then start with some conscious actions to keep that state of mind going for you.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte