A friend once told me a story about a heart.
And I love this story so much that I’d like to share it with you today and try to express it in my own words.

There once was a young man whose heart was simply perfect. It had a beautiful shade of red, the smoothest skin, no dents, no injuries. Whenever the young man came into a crowd, like today, the people would look at him in awe and admire his perfect heart.
But this day was different.
While people were looking at the heart, an old man came towards the crowd and said: „My heart is much more beautiful!“
Everyone turned to look at the old man and his heart. Nobody understood what the old mal was talking about.
His heart seemed deformed. It was covered in scars, had small holes and had many different shades of red. It looked like pieces of the heart were taken out and others were put back in though they didn’t fit perfectly.
Someone said: „But old man, your heart is not perfect at all. It’s covered in scars and doesn’t look like the young man’s heart at all.“
„Well“, the old man said, „then let me explain.“
The old man walked up the the young man and said:
„Yes, you’re right, if you compare our two hearts, mine doesn’t look as nice and shiny. Why is that so? Well, my heart has been broken. I have given pieces of it away to the people in my life that I love. Mostly, I was lucky enough to get a piece of their heart back. Those are the ones in other shades of red that have replaced the pieces I gave away. They don’t fit perfectly, but are a testament to all the love I’ve received in my life. Of course, the love I’ve given was not always returned. So there are some empty holes as well. But I’ve lived, I’ve loved and experienced life to it’s fullest. So tell me, young man, have you?“
The young man looked at his heart and felt tears come to his eyes. He now understood that indeed, the old man had the perfect heart and he didn’t. So he took a piece from his heart and handed it to the old man, grateful for the lesson. The old man gave a piece of his heart to the young man in return and together they walked away from the crowd.

Why do I love this story?

Because it’s not about leaving this life with a heart intact and beautiful. It’s about loving too much. It’s about getting hurt. It’s about finding love in return. It’s about living and that means opening your heart to love. It’s about taking risks and nothing is too risky when it come to matters of the heart.
It’s about that the smallest kindness, such as sharing your story with a young man, can go such a long way. It’s about compassion and understanding that everyone has a different story, has made different experiences, but we’re all still beautiful in or own way no matter how many scars we might have.
Embrace your uniqueness and stay open to all matters of the heart.

Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte