Love means everything to me. Love for the people in my life, the work I get to do and also loving myself with all my imperfections. I think compassion and kindness are and important part of love as well. Always treating other people with compassion and kindness, no judgement. We all make mistakes sometimes, it’s part of the human existence.
I practice gratitude every day, which helps me get grounded and see the precious small things in life that are so important.
And last but not least, carving out time to do the things that bring me joy and light me up.
Those are the things that make me happy.

So what are your personal pillars?
Let’s make this your personal reflection time and a fantastic exercise in self-awareness.
The best way to find out what you stand for is to turn inside, towards your heart, to follow what feels good and feels true to you.
What are the cornerstones of who you are? Write them down and turn them into your own personal philosophy to live by.

What do you get out of it?

  1. Knowing what the things are that you stand for, that are close to your heart, will support you even more in being and embracing your true authentic self.
  2. It will give you the self-confidence to live a life on your terms instead of complying to society’s expectations or that of your personal environment at every turn.
  3. You will make more intuitive decisions from the heart, as you know who you are and are much more in tune with your inner compass.
  4. Let it help you work through stressful situations by letting you come back to your core where you may act from a place of love, compassion and understanding for what you need in this moment. Be kind enough to give yourself whatever is needed.
  5. Life can be unpredictable, things that you are not able to control will happen. In those time it will help you to know what your personal pillars, your rules of happiness are, to always bring back the light in darker times.

Take action now. I would love to read about your happiness rules!

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte