There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence, combined with solid research efforts, that suggests intuition is a critical aspect of how we humans interact with our environment and how, ultimately, we make many of our decisions.

Ivy Estabrooke of the Office of Naval Research, who is investigating the power of intuition which has helped troops make important and quick decisions during combat

Your inner compass should never be ignored!

It’s that warm and tingling feeling in your gut urging you to do something or that little whisper in your head telling you in which direction to go. It’s a moment of clarity, an unconscious reasoning, a kind of guidance that compels you to turn left even though the signs on the side of the road tell you to turn right.
This is your intuition at work doing its best: supporting you!
Everyone is naturally intuitive, but not all of us have learned to embrace our inner compass. Yet I feel it is such an important skill to learn if you want to live boldly and beautifully.
So I encourage you to go on an adventure to find your inner compass and find out what happens when you’re brave enough to open yourself up to your intuition. Let go and give it a chance!

Listen to your body.
Your body will give you warning signals if something is not right. It’s constantly communicating with you, providing you with guidance. However, in order to be able to listen to your body, you need to tune into your own body and give yourself the space to actually listen. Learn to appreciate the little signs and signals that you body is sharing and give it whatever it might be lacking.

Your inner compass helps you navigate crossroads.
If you allow your intuition to bubble through when you are at crossroads or need to make an important decision, it will help you to conquer your fear and show you a clearer pathway forward.

Learn about your loves.
Your intuition is very skilled at helping you navigate towards your desires. Your inner compass helps guide you in the direction of things that light you up with joy and bring you happiness. So in order to be able to answer questions like, what makes me happy?, tune into you intuition and let her guide you to the answers. And once you have found something creative to do that you love, let your intuition guide your creativity and the process, which will only connect you more to your inner compass.

Stay open.
Once you have learned to navigate your inner compass, you will witness a lot of improvement around you, such as your quality of life, your relationships and your health. You will see your energy levels increase and be less fearful of situations that require you to make a decision. Just listen to yourself and your environment and never think that there’s nothing else to learn.

Let go.
At one point in your life, and this is especially difficult for us perfectionists out there, it is crucial to understand that you won’t be able to control everything. Life is doing to happen whether you overthink it or not. So I would encourage you to relax! Your intuition will tell you when it is absolutely necessary to act on something.

Whether it is deciding which job to take, which direction to turn when you feel lost, or how to handle a stressful situation, your intuition sometimes knows better than your rational mind. I want to see you more connected empowered and whole upon embracing your intuition and living a bold and beautiful life on your terms that allows for better decisions and overall more happiness.

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte