Happiness is homemade.

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Happiness is beautifully unique to every person, that’s why I like to call it homemade! We all associate happiness with something different. Happiness is as diverse as we all are as human beings and that’s great!

You might experience happiness when you spend time with a loved one, get to indulge in the creative process, experience a smell from your childhood, such as a home-cooked meal from your Mom or the way your house smelled when you grew up. You might also feel joy when you’re experiencing something for the very first time or are in the process of reading a captivating book…the possibilities are endless!

No matter what it is that truly lights you up, I strongly believe that we should all get the chance to follow that happiness and live a life on our terms, both in our personal life but also professionally!

I write about all things happiness, on my blog and on my first book, because I’m passionate about supporting others to embrace their own happiness as something that is absolutely valid. For those out there on this ongoing happiness journey with me, I hope to be able to add some value with the happiness interview series that you can find on my blog.

While I have a very open view on happiness and continuously learn something new about happiness in general and mine in particular that I love to share on the blog with you, I understand that this might feel like a somewhat objective view on things coming from one single person. Yet, as clearly stated above, happiness is unique to everyone and in order to broaden your experience here and also connect you with other people, this series is brought to life.

It features beautifully unique humans willing to share their own view on happiness in the hopes that you may find someone that your view resonates with. Through this series I’d love to see likeminded people connect with each other and allow you to take out of it what you need to get started on your personal happy project.

You will learn about their definition of happiness and what makes each of them truly happy. We will also talk about how they prioritize their happiness, make time for the things that bring them joy, and what that looks like in their day to day life. And last but not least, for that last spark of inspiration to get you going and active on your own happy project, they will be sharing their personal happy tip with you! (Depending on who will be featured, the format might change a little.)

Now matters more than any time in your life.

I hope that this series will bring new inspiration to you and support you on your unique happiness journey! Start now.

With so much love and excitement,

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte