Happiness to me just ‚is’.

Frou William

Frou’s definition of happiness:
Happiness is being able to feel grounded, present and content in the now – that feeling of ‚there’s nowhere else I’d rather be’.
Happiness to me is accepting both light and dark energies as they wash over you, accepting that no feeling, be it, light or dark, last forever nor does it define you.
There’s an element of happiness being about acceptance for me.

This makes her happy:
Things that make me happy are being in the company of those I love – friends and family, being in nature – going to the woods, being on the beach, watching the waves, feeling the sunshine on my face and the earth beneath my feet. Eating yummy food (chocolate fondant :p), hanging with my giant house bunny and doggy, reading, traveling, when I’m able to have a ‚me‘ day and when I feel aligned with my purpose in that I am serving others. There is no other feeling quite like it – electricity through your veins.

How Frou makes her happiness a priority:
I know that if I’m not making my wellbeing and mindset a priority then I’m not only no good for me but also for those around me.
Of course life happens and we can’t always carve out a window every single day but I am pretty proactive looking at my schedule the week ahead and trying to fill in windows where I can either go to the gym, yoga, find some time to hang with the animals or catch up on sleep. I used to get burnt out just saying yes to everything but now if I’m feeling close to burn out then I’ll reframe my week accordingly and fit in something that’s going to ground me and bring me back to neutral.

Frou’s Happy Tip:
Listen to your intuition – your heart already knows what your head may not be ready to hear yet.

Learn to heed the call of your heart 🙂

Frou William

Frou Williams is an internationally certified wellbeing specialist, event professional and brand consultant. Having worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years in some of the largest organisations in the world, she saw the wellbeing of her colleagues, friends and her own wellbeing suffer as a result of the fast paced, stressful and often overwhelming world we find ourselves in. She knew that in order to heal herself and to allow herself to step up and shine in her business that she would have to work from the inside out.

Once she worked on the concept of allowing herself the freedom in which to explore her passion, creativity and what that meant to her, unlocking and moving through old fears and limiting beliefs, moving the body for enjoyment rather than punishment and eating from a place of self love and nourishment for mind, body and soul she found her overall wellbeing and mindset in her business drastically improved. By channeling trapped and stagnant energy in the mind and body through play, movement, nourishing food and mind mapping, it opened up a door and ignited a passion for teaching other people to do the same.

Her work is about awakening the mind, body and soul of entrepreneurialism.
To find out more, visit her website, Death by Lycra, or connect with her on her social channels.

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte