Happiness is not the absence of discomfort. Happiness requires a willingness to notice and acknowledge the whole spectrum of feelings that exist. We can’t feel true and lasting happiness (or contentment) without a readiness to feel pain or sadness.

Naomi Morrow

This makes Naomi happy:
So many things make me happy: hugs from my children; hearing about people’s resilience; being immersed in amazing music; recalling special memories; making art; just being rather than doing; deep conversations with friends; excellent coffee and silly playful dancing!

Naomi on why and how to make time for happiness:
I’m especially motivated to make time for happiness – not only for myself but as a role model for my children. Even on busy days, choosing great songs in the car on the way to work and school gives an opportunity for fun and happiness. Playing a fun family card game at night before bed, planning outings on the weekend like a bushwalk or sporting game, and seeking moments of peace and happiness with a beautiful cup of tea and a book or a simple daydream!

Her Happy Tip for you:
Don’t run from sadness, allow yourself to feel it and release it so that when happiness comes, you can feel that just as deeply and authentically.

Naomi Morrow is a Certified Life + Creativity Coach, Writer and Speaker who is passionate about supporting busy women (especially mothers) tune into their own needs and feel inspired about their life, relationships, work and creativity. Naomi helps her clients blitz through fears and limiting beliefs that are blocking their path to the life they truly desire. Naomi’s coaching expertise is supported by her extensive qualifications and over 15 years experience in Counselling, Social Work + Creative Arts Therapies.

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte