The Internet has become a huge content hub with so many information right on your fingertips — if you know where to look. These sources of motivation and inspiration have broadened my horizon in many beautiful ways. They have opened me up to new ideas and paths that would have stayed hidden if not for that one person who chose to write about their journey or a particular topic. I learned, I developed and I found a passion for knowledge.

For the longest time I have turned to blogs for guidance or mentorship in areas of my life, but also to develop professionally, to find happiness on both levels, in my personal life and career. While I still regularly frequent those blogs, I also do online programs and get coached myself in areas I feel I could use an expert to move forward.

Today, I’m sharing some of the wonderful blogs that have put me on a new and wonderful path in life hoping that it will do the same for you!

    Business, Lifestyle, Culture…you can find short motivational posts on all kinds of topics on this website! Founder and CEO Lisa Messenger has brought Collective Hub to life as she wants to ignite human potential across the globe.
    Why We’re Calling BullSh*t on Work/Life Balance…
    20 Ways to Spark Creativity When You’re Going Through a Dry Spell
  2. Thrive Global
    Changing the way people work and live, Thrive Global lead by power woman and inspirational leader Arianna Huffington, aims to help educate people on the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.
    Why You Really Don’t Have a Time Management Problem
    8 Powerful Mental Habits That Will Make You Ultra-Successful
  3. Marie Forleo
    Marie is a multi-passionate-entrepreneur who shares her own wisdom and learnings, but also talks to big names in the industry, such as Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the list goes on. Her YouTube videos are of the inspirational and actionable sort and can be found on her blog.
    The World’s Most Successful People Have 6 Surprising Habits in Common
    What Elizabeth Gilbert Wants You To Know About Big Magic
  4. The Positivity Blog
    This blog provides practical personal development advice and how to’s to help you produce positive results in your life and lead an overall happier life.
    7 Common Habits of Unhappy People
    16 Things I Wish They Had Taught Me in School
  5. And last but not least, if you don’t already know it, I’d like to introduce you to Medium. On this online publishing platform you’ll find all kinds of great reads in various areas. Once you sign up you can choose which your areas of interest are and you will then get the most popular and most recent reads pushed to your newsfeed. I find this to be a great hub for all kinds of interesting stories! Do check it out.

And now it’s your turn!

Let me know your thoughts:
Did you know all those blogs before or were some of they new to you?
Did you enjoy reading through some of their posts?
What are other blogs that you turn to for some mentor magic?

I would love to hear from you in the comments!

Photo by Plush Design Studio from Pexels

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte