People cannot really tell you how to be happy. Of course, you can be an expert on what true happiness is supposed to be – BUT you have to learn for yourself what happiness means to you and get there in your own time. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Trust in the universe – the school of life will teach you what you need to learn to achieve your true state of happiness.


What makes Jukano happy?
This is a pretty tough question with no simple answer. I have been on the search for the answer my entire life. Just recently I have realized what true happiness means to me. To me it means being satisfied with myself and loving myself from the inside out and not based on external factors. You don’t become happy just because you get a new job, a new partner, a new bag or more money. We all know this, but to actually get to this state of mind where you’re at peace with this is very difficult to achieve. Being at peace to me means being able to detach myself from all tangible things in life. In meditation this is the highest form of enlightenment. In order to achieve this in real life, I try to be fully in the present moment. However, I’m also sometimes lost in thoughts about my life and the future, and forget to be in the now. As this happens, I try to stop and clear my mind. Then I start to witness things around me differently. For example, I see the green color of trees more vibrantly, or I hear a bird’s symphony wondering when I last really listened to one.
And then I see – I see everything clearly. And then I feel – I feel the energy and I am fully in the now.
To achieve this state of mind makes me happy.

How does she prioritize her happiness?
I am still in the process of learning how to achieve inner peace and fully be in the present moment. Here’s a trick I’ve picked up that helps me relax and allows me to spend more time with the things that make me happy.
It’s called: Taking care of my inner child.
During the past months I’ve started to focus on and make time for the things which truly made me happy, things that fascinated me when I was a child of five years: drawing and coloring. And not only this, it’s specifically drawing and coloring mermaids. One thing lead to the other and I started rediscovering my passions. This feels truly amazing and fills me with joy!

Jukano’s Happy Tips:
Nobody is going to save you. Your life is your responsibility and only you can make yourself happy.
Follow your heart.
Trust your intuition.
Live in the now.
Happiness comes from the inside-out, not from the outside-in.

Jukano is the lovely photographer that did the beautiful pictures for my website! Whatever she does, she does it with passion and pours all her love into her creative projects. May that be drawing her beautiful mermaids, as a designer, or online marketing specialist, a Disney knowledge base, or a car restorer. She is an all-around inspiration. You can visit her website, Jukano Photography, or connect with her on social channels.

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte