Happy New Year!

I hope with all my heart that this will be your happiest, healthiest and most joyful year yet!

Usually, I would start the year off by sharing my reading list for 2018 in order to inspire all of us to stick to our own lists and actually take time to read this year! And while I hope that this will inspire you to get lost in the pages of a good book, no matter if novel or self-development, mangas or nonfiction, I’m going to go about this a little differently this year.

I’ve deviated a bit from last year’s reading list, which you were able to read about in this post. 2017 has pulled me in many different directions and has inspired me in many different ways. I read the books that spoke to me in a particular moment and I enjoyed every minute of it! Therefore, instead of sticking to a book list, I’ll challenge you to keep an open mind this year! If you want, set yourself a number goal of how many books you’d like to read  – to ensure that you spend time reading – but other than that, let your environment and your intuition speak to you in terms of what is right in which moment. Because with every book that we read, we enter a new world, learn a little something about ourselves or even decide that we want to change something. Books can have a huge impact on our life, how we think, how we feel. Stories can comfort us and transport a very unique kind of magic. Depending on when you read a certain story or self-development book, depending on your state of mind, you might take away different messages. I truly believe that there is the right time and place for a book. Therefore, I’ve also decided to let a book go if it doesn’t speak to me after the first couple of pages. It might feel strange at first, at least it did to me, because it felt like discarding a precious book, but it liberated me to purely follow my joy when reading. And I also believe that a story will somehow return to me if it is meant to be read by me.

So for 2018 I’d like to leave you with some book recommendations of books that came into my life in 2017, that I really enjoyed, but also all time favorites. Perhaps the list has something for you as well!

  1. Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up
    Marie Kondō
    I’ve read this at the end of 2017, because I wanted to clean house and get rid of all the clutter. For me, decluttering means getting back some freedom. It also means happiness. And this truly helped me to embrace this mindful, lighter and clutter-free way of life. So if you’re looking to make room for the new in your life, to get organized and get rid of stuff you’ve been clinging to, this is the right book for you in 2018.
  2. Origin
    Dan Brown
    I’ve read all Dan Brown books and therefore, I also had to read this one. I had a hard time putting it down and kept reading long after my husband had fallen asleep. I love the way that his books get me thinking about the bigger picture, they always inspire me to live now and let me see magic in the ordinary.
  3. Really any book by Mitch Albom
    I love love love this particular author! He writes magical books, quietly moving you into action and making you you rethink your values and core beliefs. I think he has created some wonderful pieces and if you read any of his books you’re in for a great read. However, I would recommend that you start with Tuesday’s with Morrie.
  4. Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index
    Julie Israel
    This is a very quiet yet strong book that portrays that sad, horrible and disappointing things in life will happen that will make you unhappy. That is the course of life and it is so very important that we allow ourselves to live through these emotions. Happiness does not mean that you’re happy and content all the time. That’s not possible. Rather, it means to be authentic in all your emotions and that also means finding someone to talk to and be honest about when things are not going so well.
  5. The Big Magic
    Elizabeth Gilbert
    This is a must read for anyone who loves to indulge into inspirational creativity, has a passion project around creativity or would like to earn money working creatively. Liz Gilbert wonderfully breaks down what creativity is, what we can expect from her and how we shouldn’t pressure her to be something she might not want to be.

If you read any of the books on this list, please do let me know your thoughts. I’d also love to get your book recommendations! Leave a comment so not only I, but other readers can benefit as well!

Let your intuition, your heart, your inner compass, or whatever you want to call it, guide you towards your happiness in 2018.

Happy Reading!

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte