„We are not always going to be happy – life has it’s ups and downs.”

Alyssa Tasker

Alyssa’s definition of happiness and what happiness means to her:
Happiness is that warm comfortable feeling of contentment, that feeling when you look around a room of loved ones and your soul smiles with the love you feel. Happiness is what we all strive for – most of the time we reach it, other times we don’t – but life is what you make it, so the little things are always available to give you a smile and get you going on your happiness journey. Happiness is subjective to each person – everyone is motivated by different things.
Personally my happiness stems from creativity, spending time with loved ones and solo time in nature. As an introvert, I love and cherish my close loved ones and the time I spend with them, but a lot of my happiness comes from the time I spend alone reconnecting with myself.

How Alyssa makes time for the things that bring her joy:
Prioritising happiness has always been something I have struggled with. I have always been a bit of a workaholic and forget to stop and do things that make me happy. For a long time I was in a cycle of work as much as humanly possible then spend my down time recovering from work – before doing it all again. It was unhealthy and I was not happy. Breaking point was a day when I was at work a friend texted me to say she was trying to decide which colour to paint her nails. A simple thing that is quite normal to do – but it made me stop and think „when was the last time I had time to stop and think about nail colour, let alone paint them“…. Reality was it was around 2 years. This moment was a huge reality check. Things needed to change – fast! From this moment, I made a list of things that fill me up, things that make me happy, things that need to be non negotiable and things to plan for the future. I now plan my week and slot in my non negotiables like exercise, time in nature and self care like nails. Knowing that these are working into my weekly plan has allowed me to find some peace, find my happiness and start enjoying life again.

Alyssa’s tips on happiness for you:
Always take time to tune in to yourself and notice the things that make you happy. We all at times can fall into a trap of people pleasing and doing things that make others happy and completely neglect to do the things that make us happy.
And when we are low it can be really hard to pull ourselves out of the negative cycle and it can feel like we are going to be unhappy forever. In those moments, it’s so important to list your gratitude, reach out to the people that lift you up and to plan things that excite you – slowly you will pull yourself out of that slump.
Life is never going to be perfect – so make the most of what you have!

Alyssa Tasker is a coach that helps her dream girl clients identify what they are putting off until life is perfect. Whether you are delaying travel, a career change, sky diving or a big move – Alyssa is the girl to get your booty into action and moving forward to a grander future.

Photo Credit: Lavender & Lock Photography

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte