„I’m a strong advocate that we all have something pretty special and unique to offer the world, our own stamp if you will.“

Prue Blennerhassett

This is what makes Prue happy at work:
My work is an extension of what I love to do in the world – cultivate calm in myself, experience joy, have deep and rich relationships, explore my inner landscape and listen to my inner wisdom, live in an authentic and fulfilling way, and weave my legacy in the world – I get to support others in doing all of this which makes me very happy!

Prue’s journey to happiness at work:
It wasn’t always like this. I studied a Bachelor of Business, Banking, Finance & International Trade at uni which while valuable in many ways, didn’t make my heart sing and wasn’t aligned to who I truly am. I then climbed a thankless corporate ladder in my home town, working in product development for a manufacturer in the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. All along I had a deep desire to actually help the world and wasn’t sure how delivering a batch of eyeliner on time was achieving that! I packed up and left my home town and that job, moved to a regional town on the East Coast of Australia determined to give myself the time and space to discover what I really desired and how I wanted to serve in this world. I continued my personal development and founded a successful company offering business services but in putting hat business through Marie Forleo’s B-School, I realised even though it was financially successful, it consumed so much of my time away from my partner and I wasn’t actually inspired by the work I was doing. That was the point where I decided to take a part time job and wind down that business. I wanted to leave time and space in my life for the work i was truly meant for to come forth. Just under 2 years ago, I started my current business, playing at first, sharing my thoughts via a Facebook page and earlier this year I was made redundant from the part time job and took that as a very clear sign that THIS WAS MY TIME to pursue wholehearted this work I am so passionate about.

Prue’s happy work tip for you:
In my case, true fulfilment has come from expressing the truth of who I am in my work, in my business. I know that’s not a comfortable thought for many people to go out on their own. I guess what I would say is that in most workplaces, you can find meaning (and happiness) in your interactions with colleagues if not in the work itself. The pharmaceutical company I worked for was a high stress, fast paced environment and even though I couldn’t see the overarching value of delivering a batch of eyeliner on time, I made lifelong friendships with the people I worked with and can still feel their warmth and love right now, with years having passed and living in a different state. The other thing I would really recommend is that even if you are working for someone else, explore even just a little at first, those things that really light you up, make space for those things in your life. One final happiness (at work) tip – celebrate the small things. Life truly is made up in the moments and there’s so much to celebrate each and every day. Gratitude begets gratitude, doesn’t take much time, costs no money and feels marvellous!

How Prue handles stress in the workplace:
The stress I feel at work is usually around putting myself out there and sometimes worrying what other people think and if they’ll like me. I know that this is par for the course of having your own business and being out in the public sphere. What helps me overcome this is sharing the feelings with a loved one, having a conversation about it. As Brene Brown teaches – shame can’t exist in an environment of empathy. The support and love I feel from those around me fortifies my sense of courage. My work centres around cultivating calm, the antithesis of stress and overwhelm. So the research I do, the practices I teach, the conversations I have, the meditations I record all help to stabilise my own sense of inner calm.
My wellbeing and happiness are paramount to the work I do. If i’m not taking care of these things, I can’t feel in alignment to the work I’m doing and the feeling of discord is strong. I notice pretty quickly if I’m heading off track and course correct!

A special goodie from Prue to you:
I’ve recorded a wonderful meditation called A Moment of Calm. It helps you access deep relaxation, feel grounded in your physical body and brings ease to feelings of physical or emotional discomfort.
Access here: https://prueblennerhassett.activehosted.com/f/15

Prue Blennerhassett is Your Inner Calm Coach, she’s the owner of her business and creator of the 6-week 1:1 online coaching program of the same name – Make Space Allow Grace. She helps people who want to live a great life to cultivate inner calm and happiness so they feel more grounded, connected and empowered.
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Photo Credit: Tom Scott

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte