Lagom is a Swedish word for which there is no direct translation. Lagom is a way of life in the Scandinavian part of the world and describes a dislike of extremes and encourages to embrace a healthy habit of “not too little and not too much, but exactly right”.

As humans we have the tendency to want too much. We always want to acquire more, have new things.But this constant need to have more and then more is actually not good for us.

Lagom is about clearing out, making things easier for yourself, letting go of judging a book by its cover, but rather decide to walk a path of truth for yourself and others as well.

Terms such as belonging and a shared responsibility as a part of something bigger are an essential part of Lagom. Its virtues are sensible consumption, authentic living, time for yourself and the people important to you as well as treating our planet Earth with the respect she deserves.

This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself, yet consider what you consume and for your own good, don’t consume too much of one good thing. Too much food will make you gain weight. Too material stuff may mean a cluttered home. And too much work means you don’t have time for yourself anymore. And last but not least, the pretty glow somehting has in the beginning will wear off at one point. When you’ve had too much. And that would be a pitty if you enjoyed it before. So if you learn to balance in life, you’ll be able to lead a more content and happy life.

We’re talking about a life where you find time to do the things you absolutely love to do. And that’s exactly what makes life worthwhile. Oftentimes, those are very small, everyday things and situations, a moment when you’re drinking coffee with a friend, you’re out enjoying nature or whatever it is that gives you this special feeling of calmness and serenity in your busy life.

It’s about starting to take an honest look at where you are right now in order to figure out, what you have or are doing too much of. It’s about downgrading. Getting rid of the unnecessary in your life and learning to say no.
If ever in doubt if you should do something or not, slow down and ask yourself what it’s going to cost you if you’re going to say yes to a task or a person. Also consider what you won’t have time for, perhaps even something that you would have enjoyed much more.

Lagom means to value those things that you love above all else and it also means to enjoy those small, everyday moments that we all to often take for granted.
Let me give you an example.
If you work too much you will likely start doing “too much” of other things in your life as well, such as eating or drinking. You won’t prioritize the time to nourish yourself in a healthy way or go for a walk, the kind of movement your body needs on a daily basis. So if you use up all your willower at work, you’ll be on edge when you get home from work, more likely to let that irritation out on your family and loved ones or are more vulnerable to emotional eating, for instance. However, if you instead take some time during your workday for a break, take a walk, and leave work on time in the evenings, you’ll be much calmer and more relaxed, ready to take on the rest of your day – balanced – just like Lagom suggests you do.

Lagom is all about implementing those mindful and pleasant habits into your day-to-day.
So at least once per day, take the time to just enjoy where you are or create a beautiful and special moment for yourself.
You’re not able to lead a balanced and calm life if you’re busily running through it.
Nourish your body without restricting yourself, give your body the natural movement it craves, just lead a well-balanced life.

So why not let a little more Lagom into our lives?

Happy “Lagom-ing”!

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte