„It can be simple, baby steps. One small movement closer to how you’d like to feel or what you want to do. No need to put yourself under undue pressure or to make this complex. It’s your life and you matter so take the most gentle and loving approach to yourself that you can.“

Prue Bennerhassett

Prue was already a guest on the blog when she talked about her happiness at work, an expansion of the happiness series. Read the post here. I’m now thrilled to have her back to talk about her happiness in life!

Prue’s definition of happiness:
I recently participated in the Science of Happiness course put on by EdX and UC Berkeley and they used a great definition of happiness which I’m delighted to adopt.
Happiness = Overall Well-being / Life Satisfaction + Positive (Vs Negative) Emotions.
The things that make me happy include taking great care of myself, cultivating inner calm, self-exploration and personal growth, reading, having deep and loving relationships, doing work that is aligned with my soul’s desire, spending time in nature, writing, creating (music, art, food), practicing presence, touch.

How Prue prioritizes her happiness:
My life is pretty well designed at the moment in a way that I get to do the things that make me happy, some are daily like meditation, sharing love with those close to me, working with people to help them create inner calm and the life that they desire, and others are more planned like going camping, catching up with friends and family. There is a gentle flow in my life which I love and for the most part, I follow how I feel and what I desire in the moment.

Prue’s happy tip for you:
What I’ve witnessed in myself and others is that inner calm is the gateway to happiness, to living a life full of satisfaction and positive feelings. I cultivate calm with the use of meditation, breathing, essential oils, self-care. From that space we have greater access to self-awareness and exploration. We make choices about how we want to live based on our values and how we want to feel and we communicate our desires and our boundaries with ease and grace (this does take a bit of practice!). Living from this space, we are deeply in tune with our own inner wisdom which guides us in the direction of our soul’s desires. We let go of what no longer serves us, make space for more of what we do want in our lives, take aligned action and move towards the legacy we want to weave in this world.

Her special goodie for you:
I’ve recorded a wonderful meditation called A Moment of Calm. It helps you access deep relaxation, feel grounded in your physical body and brings ease to feelings of physical or emotional discomfort.
Access here: https://prueblennerhassett.activehosted.com/f/15

Prue Blennerhassett is Your Inner Calm Coach, she’s the owner of her business and creator of the 6-week 1:1 online coaching program of the same name – Make Space Allow Grace. She helps people who want to live a great life to cultivate inner calm and happiness so they feel more grounded, connected and empowered.
Continue reading at http://prueblennerhassett.com/about/

Photo Credit: Tom Scott

Posted by:Nina Vossschulte